Pack cycler

PNE Solution has test solutions for a battery pack including pack cycler, EOL line and others.

PSC (Regenerative Battery Pack Cycler)
Performance test equipment of battery packs for xEV, E-bike or ESS. It’s able to do HIL simulation tests and be operated in an independent or parallel mode by an energy regeneration method.


Model PSC is optimized for battery packs (Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, EDLC). It can be measure cell voltage and temperature in the battery pack using auxiliary sensor. It is also possible to test all other batteries that have a charging voltage above 10V.

  • Type : Regenerative
  • Interlock with hot/cold chamber
  • Voltage Range : 0~1,500V
  • Response Rising Time : ≤5ms (Non Overshoot)
  • Current Range : 50~2,000A (in parallel)
  • Response Falling Time : ≤5ms (Non Undershoot)
  • Accuracy & Resolution V/I Accuracy : ±0.05%
  • AC Power Quality Power Factor : ≥0.99 (Option : 0.98)
  • Accuracy & Resolution V/I Resolution : 16bit
  • AC Power Quality Ithd : ≤3%
  • Accuracy & Resolution I Ripple : ≤±0.1% (F.S)
  • Options : DAQ, Temperature Logging, Chamber control, Cell balancing
  • AC Input : 220 or 380 or 440Vac, 3Phase, 50/60Hz
    (Able to be changed depending on installation conditions)
  • BMS(Battery Management System) :
    CAN,CAN FD RS-485, Ethernet, SMBUS, I2C, LIN, FlexRay


PNE Solution can be configured with a wide range of voltage and current ranges and can be fitted with optional hardware to provide a number of additional features and capabilities.

Model Designation Voltage Current Max. Number of Channels Max. Number of Parallel Options
PSC 50 5~50Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 4 4 -50~50Vdc
PSC 100 5~100Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 4 4 -100~100Vdc
PSC 300 10~300Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 4 4 -300~100Vdc
PSC 500 10~500Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 4 4 -500~100Vdc
PSC 800 30~800Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 2 2 -800~100Vdc
PSC 1200 50~1200Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 2 2
PSC 1500 100~1500Vdc 50~1,000Adc (Max.2,000Adc) 2 2


Funtions Specifications
AUX VOLT. MEASUREMENT Reading Accuracy ≥±0.1% (Full Scale)
AUX VOLT. MEASUREMENT Channel Range Expandable to 8 Channel unit
AUX VOLT. MEASUREMENT Channel max Range 256 Channel
TEMP. MEASUREMENT Sensor Type K-type Thermocouple Wire, RTD
TEMP. MEASUREMENT Reading Range -50℃ ~ +200℃ (K-type)
TEMP. MEASUREMENT Reading Accuracy ≥±1℃
TEMP. MEASUREMENT Channel Range Expandable to 10 Channel unit
TEMP. MEASUREMENT Channel Max Range 100 Channel


  • EV Battery Pack

  • ESS

  • Battery Module

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