We are set for a great leap forward into the global market with trusted
company management, creativity, a challenging spirit and global level of technology.

P ProfessionalPerson
  • Who have the vision to be the specialist with professional self-development and improvement
  • Who are motivated with the drive to meet their own goals and achieve results while taking accountability for their actions.
  • Who can make every member a professional through active sharing of expertise.
N NecessaryPerson
  • Who are expert their keen technical skill and to sharpen their professional curiosity and necessary for PNE Solution.
  • Who lead and improve organizational culture.
  • Who are respected by their excellent colleague and to encourage them with their concern while working together.
E EnergeticPerson
  • Who are energetic and passionate about what they are doing.
  • Who are innovative, prompt in dealing with the changes.
  • Who are creative.

Welfare Benefits

Statutory benefits
- Industrial accident compensation insurance
- Health insurance
- The Employment Insurance
- National pension
Productivity-enhancing Support
- Incentives & awards
- Awards : Long-term employed person, Outstanding employees etc.
- Education and Training assistance program
Living expense support
Gifts for special holidays, Gifts for individual anniversary such as wedding & birthday, Tuition support for employees’ children, Regular Health Checks, Employee and family health & recreational facilities assistance, Hobby club subsidy, Housing loan support, Condominium (Membership resort), Cafeteria


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  2. 02Test

  3. 03Interview

  4. 04Result

※ Applicants might be taken more screening processes depending on job positions.

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