Pack EOL Line

The Pack EOL line is designed for sorting good or faulty battery packs in end of a pack production line
based on data acquired through charge/discharge and measuring instruments.


  • Able to check Module/Pack status to real-time monitoring
  • Monitoring the battery cells by BMS communication
  • Easy to edit or modify the test conditions
  • Able to classify good or faulty battery packs based on the inspection data
Edit test conditions and monitor operation, status of the battery packs
Main controller
Signal control of sequence and relay operation per each instrument
Measuring instruments
Data Logger : Measure voltage, resistance, etc. in cell unit through multi-channel linkage
CAN Converter : Acquisition of information through BMS communication
Insulation Resistance : Insulation resistance measurement to measure product insulation
Power Supply : IG-ON setting through constant voltage supply to BMS
Etc : Hi-pot tester, Function generator etc.
Pack cycler
Analyzing DCIR (DC internal resistance) based on volt, current data from the pack cycler
Barcode reader
Acquiring the pack data by a barcode reader