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Awarded the '$100 million export tower'




PNE Solution awarded the '$100 million export tower'



On ceremony of the venture company day,

PNE Solution received the '$100 million export tower'

This awards ceremony, which celebrates its 57th anniversary this year,

is held on the 5th of December every year on Trade Day.

2020 awards ceremony was held with a minimum number of people because of COVID19.

This award is a digit that honors the achievements of successful people and companies that have 

 contributed to the development of trade.

PNE Solution opens up overseas export markets such as securing new orders and expanding the 

Pyeongtaek factory even in the situation of COVID19.

In 2019, We awarded the $70 million export tower, and achieved $100 million in export performance in one year.

To strengthen the competitiveness of products even in difficult economic conditions

Through thorough market research and continuous research, 

we will strive to develop new markets and aggressively capture overseas markets.