We are set for a great leap forward into the global market with trusted
company management, creativity, a challenging spirit and global level of technology.

2008 ~ 2011

Leap forward

  • 12Awarded the Industry-University-Institute Collaboration 'Star Company Prize' [SMBA]
  • 11MOU Signing ceremony between PNE & SHIMA Trading Company
  • 09Listed on KOSDAQ
  • 04Selected as the 'Best Supplier' [LG Chem]
  • 11Won New Product Technology (The Korean Institute of Power Electronics)
  • 10Won “Minister of knowledge economy prize” of 2010 Korea Venture Award
  • 04Selected as a Hidden Champion [IINNO-BIZ]
  • 02Selected as S-partner Affiliate Company [Samsung SDI]
  • 11Won 'MKE Minister Prize' in New Excellent Technology Commercialization Promotion Fair
  • 01Authorized ATC(Advanced Technology Center) [MKE]
  • 12Awarded 5 Million Export Tower & Prime Minister’s Citation [KITA]
  • 10Awarded the 'Prime Minister Prize' of Innovative Technology in the 9th Innovative Technology Fair
  • 08Won NET(New Excellent Technology) Certificate [MKE]
  • 01Certificate as a company that can repair and maintain equipment of KOMIPO's Power planets (Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd.)