We are set for a great leap forward into the global market with trusted
company management, creativity, a challenging spirit and global level of technology.

2012 ~ 2016

Business growth

  • 11Affiliated with WISEWORKS
  • 12Awarded the Gyeonggi Energy Industry Prize[GyeongGi province]
  • 12Award for Merit for Excellent Venture Company
  • 02Selected as a Excellent Partner of Doosan Industries & Construction
  • 01Established Subsidiary Companies : PNE INNOTEC, PNE SYSTEMS
  • 08MOU Signing ceremony between GM & PNE for Supply expansion of EV
  • 12Awarded The “Innovation CEO Prize” of Korea Best to World Best [MKE]
  • 10Won CHAdeMo(Quick charger for EV) Certificate
  • 09Selected as a good job environment company [INNO-BIZ]
  • 08Won NET(New Excellent Technology) Certificate [MKE]
  • 05Established the Detroit Branch in United State (KAPP)
  • 03Selected as a Cooperative company of customs declarations
  • 01Certificate of Techno Small Giant [IBK]